Article: The Power of Packaging to Drive Sales Growth

In our latest Quirk’s article, Alex Hunt (CEO) discusses Behaviorally’s latest introduction of the PackPower Score™, a simple one-number metric that predicts potential of packaging design to grow in-market sales of brands and products.

Disruptive and Effective Packaging at Shelf

In this blog post, Grant Montague (VP) shares guidelines on how to make the shopping experience easier for the consumer by being disruptive and distinctive, leveraging visual assets, and making packs easily identifiable on shelf.

Succeed with these New Innovations and Thought Pieces

In this month’s newsletter, we announce multiple new office hubs, provide the latest insights and news from Behaviorally including a sneak peek into our innovation pipeline, discuss our upcoming conference in the metaverse, plus more.

Strategies for Beauty Brands in Online Retail

The experience of testing products has largely been limited to in-store experiences. As more and more beauty shoppers turn to online platforms to discover products, how can companies increase their chances of being Selected? Find out in this blog from Krystal Beltran.

Designing Premium Yet Sustainable Packs

There are many examples of refining a pack by using different printing techniques or technology such as relief, gravure, and embossing. Read Christian Dössel’s blog as he discusses ways to ensure your pack is hitting all the marks that lead to the most valuable moment in marketing.

Own the Most Valuable Moment in Marketing

In this month’s newsletter, we announce our new hub in Thailand, discuss key themes from #QuirksNYC, examine 3 case studies on leveraging a hybrid research approach, plus more.