Own the Most Valuable Moment in Marketing

In this month’s newsletter, we announce our new hub in Thailand, discuss key themes from #QuirksNYC, examine 3 case studies on leveraging a hybrid research approach, plus more.

Brand Loyalty and You: A Collectors Perspective

Brand Loyalty is an important aspect of every consumer interaction that every company desires. Read Michael Huchler’s blog as he discusses brand loyalty from the perspective of the consumer.

Why “Digital-First” Still Matters

We take a moment in this post to take stock of why and how “digital-first” continues to be highly relevant to defining and diagnosing consumer choice to drive shopper growth for our clients.

ShopTalk Meetup for Women: The Direct-to-Consumers Trend

Lauren Davitt (VP at Behaviorally) had the privilege of moderating and being a consumer behavior expert at ShopTalk’s Meetup for Women event., where a common theme around direct-to-consumer emerged. Learn more about this trend and what you can do to drive shopper growth.

The Digital Shopping Journey for Our Pampered Pets

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people were adopting pets in record numbers, creating a larger market of shoppers. Shopping habits have also changed. Learn how brands can succeed in this new digital shopping landscape.

Decidedly Digital; Definitely Omnichannel

The omnichannel shopper journey was accelerated by COVID and some of these trends now seem permanent. Read this latest blog post from our omnichannel expert, Ruben Nazario, with the latest statistics and how to understand the factors that influence consumer choice.