Podcast: Navigating the AI Frontier: Industry Insights and Impact

In this episode of Our Best Behavior, Justin Carbonella (Director, Human Insights, The Coca-Cola Company) and Stephen Ferguson (Director, Consumer Knowledge, Georgia-Pacific) join us to discuss the role of AI in insights as well as some ethical considerations that must be taken into account.

Behaviorally Speaking Livestream: Sustainability Series with PepsiCo

Listen in for a Behaviorally Speaking Livestream episode where Aurélie Lecarpentier (VP) sits down with Claudia Sciarretta (PepsiCo) to discuss PepsiCo’s sustainability initiatives, consumer reactions, and the role of insights in shaping the future of sustainability.

Decoding LatAm Consumer Behavior: A Deep Dive Webinar Series

Behaviorally is excited to announce “Decoding LatAm Consumer Behavior: A Deep Dive Webinar Series”. This 4-part webinar series delves deep into the intricate world of consumer preferences and decision-making processes within the dynamic LatAm market.

Podcast: Insights, Innovation, and AI

In this episode of Our Best Behavior, Behaviorally’s Adrian Sanger (VP, AI Solutions) joins us to discuss the impact AI has had on the insights industry thus far and what the future could potentially hold.

Newsletter: Unleashing the Power of AI

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