Find the Spark!

In this blog, Nisha Yadav (SVP) discusses the seven key questions businesses often need to answer to ignite the sparks for desired shopper behaviors.

Unleash the Transformative Power of AI

Behaviorally’s Nisha Yadav (SVP) and Adrian Sanger (VP, AI Solutions) were recently featured in Quirk’s Media with their article discussing the transformative power of AI and how it is shaping the future of various industries.

Infusing Qualitative Research with AI to Develop Better Pack Designs

Behaviorally’s Sheryl Brie (Vice President, Head of Behavioral Qualitative) was recently featured in Quirk’s Media with her article discussing the role of AI in qualitative research in order to develop better pack designs as well as go in-depth on Behaviorally’s recently announced PackPath™ suite of qualitative services.

Behaviorally Launches PackPath™ Qualitative Suite

Behaviorally is pleased to announce the launch of the PackPath™ qualitative suite to help drive more valuable transactions for our customers with our proven qualitative expertise infused with industry-leading AI technology.

Article: The Power of Packaging to Drive Sales Growth

In our latest Quirk’s article, Alex Hunt (CEO) discusses Behaviorally’s latest introduction of the PackPower Score™, a simple one-number metric that predicts potential of packaging design to grow in-market sales of brands and products.