Reasons to be Grateful: Our Innovation Motivation

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In the late spring of 2019, the GRIT Business and Innovation report was published, and we were truly thrilled that Behaviorally (formerly PRS) was featured for the first time on the list of Most Innovative Research Suppliers, ranked #14 under our previous name, “PRS IN VIVO”.

Behaviorally (formerly PRS) had enjoyed a decades long reputation as market leader in the category of shopper and product experience measurement, notably in packaging. Our mission has always been applying our expertise and the principles of behavioral science, often in conjunction with pioneering technologies such as eye-tracking, to help our clients grow their businesses.  Clients have always needed to influence consumers to their advantage.  This has only become more urgent over the last few years due to the accelerated speed of business decision making, economic pressures to do more with less, and the ever more digital lives of consumers.  Dated solutions needed to make way for new ones, better positioned to address brands’ evolving circumstances.  This is exactly why research suppliers such as Behaviorally (formerly PRS) needed to build on the expertise and experience that clients view as valuable, at the same time innovating to stay relevant within a rapidly and ever changing context.

Innovation is hard work. Transformation is an ongoing journey that never has some magical endpoint.  Both require a mindset that is relentlessly focused on one objective:  whatever new solution we develop must be engineered to do a better job providing guidance that creates value for clients.  Otherwise, the innovation is just a novelty that won’t be adopted as repeatable best practice.

Our team has been engaged in the hard work, often with the collaboration of many of our brave clients willing to come on the journey with us.  We have doubled down on our conviction that a behavioral framework is the essential foundation to understand and predict what consumers will do and choose.  We have incorporated best in class technologies to provide clients with speed and efficiencies, delivering the actionable recommendations they have come to expect based on our decades of service. And we have spent the last several years orienting our teams towards the renewable commitment of meeting unmet needs in the quest for better business outcomes.  Our innovations in everything from AI Analytics of our database of pack and shelf designs, to our accelerated online solutions for pack assessment, our most recent new solutions in omnichannel path-to-purchase consultancy and our LAB Suite of behavioral qualitative consultancy have been enthusiastically embraced by clients who are adopting them to meet their new contexts.

The reward?  We are delighted to report that we are again on the Most Innovative Supplier list in 2020, this year advancing to #4 in the global Top 50! 

Awards are often symbolic.  But this one carries special meaning and our reaction to the news is actually humble appreciation.  Every single employee from our Behaviorally (formerly PRS) teams has been totally focused on the work needed to deserve this recognition:  Market Development, Client Development, Innovation, Marketing, Operations, Research and our Admin teams. And for that I am extremely grateful.

But we are also hugely appreciative of our clients.  Especially those who challenge us to really dig into the strategic obstacles they confront and to do our best work to create innovative solutions that will make a difference to your growth.  This fuels our resolve and motivation to continue serving you with best in class category expertise, impeccable client service and innovations that truly create value for your businesses.

Alex Hunt is the CEO of Behaviorally (formerly PRS) and provided this blog post in July 2020 when he was serving as CEO of PRS IN VIVO USA.
Follow Alex on Twitter @AlexHunt84 or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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