Newsletter: How Do You Measure Innovation in MRX?

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Innovation has always been a buzzword, but how do we measure true innovation in our industry? One industry initiative that attempts to do so is the annual survey conducted by GreenBook in their GRIT Business and Innovation Report. 

Reflecting on the Future of Innovation

In this blog post, Alex Hunt (CEO) reflects on innovation, leadership, trust, disruption, and the power of the human brain plus our own trajectory as Behaviorally.

Meet Our Newest Team Members

We are pleased to welcome Christian Dössel as SVP to lead our expansion into Germany and Cindy O’Flanagan as VP to our growing NYC office.

The Talk From ShopTalk 2022

Read our takeaways from the biggest retail conference with over 10,000 attendees, including retail as a community, the role of the physical store, and more.

See You On The Road!

We are looking forward to seeing you all at events such as IIEX NA, Quirk’s London, IIEX EU, Quirk’s NY, and more. Contact us for tickets to any of these events!

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