a woman manipulates an AI concept image of a human brain.

Diving Into Behaviorally and Driving Shopper Growth

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a woman manipulates an AI concept image of a human brain.

In the past year, I’ve gotten to know the Behaviorally team and their services. As advisor, I came to love and respect the people that make up the Behaviorally team, they are the reason I am excited to announce that I’m joining the company full-time. We share a passion for focusing on the client and deploying cutting edge AI solutions to answer client questions.

We are in a time of transformational change in retail, and it is unbelievably exciting to have a clear vision anchored to driving shopper growth despite the industry’s rapid adjustments. My background is grounded in retail insights. I started my research career in retail at Dixons Stores Group (one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in Europe) and have worked with clients globally in this space ever since, which is why I know first-hand how powerful AI-based tools can be to deliver competitive advantage and increase sales. Frankly, I wish these tools had been available to me in the past. In joining Behaviorally, I can’t wait to ensure others get the chance to use tools like PackFlash®, Flash.PDP™, and Flash.AI™ to their advantage.

Behaviorally is the leader in pack evaluation and understanding the physical shelf. Without a doubt, e-commerce is now “where the game is at,” so to speak and Behaviorally is charging ahead, illuminating customer behaviours in the virtual world, and advising clients on how to excel in e-commerce.

For a long time, our profession has talked about clients wanting things to be “Better, Faster, Cheaper.” And for a long time, researchers have insisted that clients be satisfied with picking two of the three.

Behaviorally’s AI solutions are built on the world’s largest consumer behavior database. This unrivalled knowledge and intelligence help ensure that their tools are not just faster but better too, as they are based on practical, behavioural realities. For me, though, it’s fundamental that we back up these cutting-edge tech solutions with the brightest and most experienced people in the sector.

Behaviorally is growing at an unbelievable pace, they entered five new markets in the last few months and plan on entering five more at the start of 2022. There’s a simple reason for this expansion. It’s client lead.

Clients want our solutions in all the markets they work in, and we’re rapidly becoming a global force across APAC, Europe, and the US because we deliver cutting-edge solutions that work. Or, to use my earlier statement, we deliver “Better, Faster, Cheaper” solutions that give our clients a competitive advantage with a demonstrable ability to define and diagnose shopper behaviour. When you deliver these ingredients, you grow and grow fast. It’s simple business logic, and we all know, success breeds success.

So to summarise, I’m excited to join Behaviorally because I’m passionate about delivering to clients. This company has the best tech, the best people, and a clear vision. Putting those three factors together, and I know we’re going to have great fun, massive commercial success, and help many clients drive shopper growth.


Crispin Beale is the President at Behaviorally, leading the Managing Director teams and championing clients globally. He is also the CEO of Insight250 and a strategic advisor to mTab. Crispin has been a Board Director (and Chairman) of the Market Research Society for over 15 years and UK ESOMAR Representative for nearly a decade. He has been a pioneer in the use of tech and AI.  

Connect with him on LinkedIn. 

Crispin Beale

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