Ziploc Bag packaging

Case Study: Ziploc® Storage Bags

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Ziploc Bag packaging

Leveraging display panels for both horizontal and vertical shelf orientation


  • Individual retailers shelve food storage products in different orientations — Walmart, for example shelves packages vertically while Target orients packages horizontally.


  • Ziploc solved this dilemma by adopting a single package design with individual panels that can be faced forward to conform to each retailer’s unique shelving conventions.
  • Using a limited number of consistent key elements on each panel helps Ziploc to establish a functional label hierarchy irrespective of orientation on shelf.

Growth Outcome

  • Consistency in package layout limits consumer friction as evidenced by strong purchase measures across both  vertical and horizontal merchandising strategies.
  • This flexible design mitigates the financial burden of producing retailer-specific packaging to confirm to merchandising variances

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