Case Study: Playtex® Sport® Tampons

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Using bold color to deliver confidence


  • In 2019, Playtex conducted benchmarking research to understand visual equities and opportunities to feed the design brief.
  • PackFlash® was used to validate the new options to identify the strongest design to meet the team’s objectives.


  • The updated design leverages existing equities and new bold, vibrant colors.

  • The design improved visibility, delivery of Playtex’s active positioning and created a greater sense of loyalty among users (via improved sales).

Growth Outcome

  • The new design launched in early 2020; while COVID created challenges for the entire category, Playtex has since rebounded and even gained additional distribution.

  • Sales have increased 25% vs last year and Playtex® Sport® is now the #2 tampon brand in the US.

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