Behaviorally Growth Ethic: Ready for H2!

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Today is the end of H1 which got me thinking about our progress in 2023 so far. One thing for sure is that AI has been the most used buzzword in almost every industry, including insights, over the past six months. It’s tempting therefore to select AI as the word that might summarize much of the focus of the Behaviorally team over the first half of 2023. After all, AI is now embedded and adding significant value across 85% of the Behaviorally product mix: AI serves as a key component of our PackPower Score™, which connects the Behaviorally database to our end-to-end packaging product stack, and pinpoints the potential for sales lift resulting from pack design change. It’s this PackPower Score, enabled by AI, that has quickly become an industry standard metric. Behaviorally also organized a terrific (and oversubscribed) event in NYC last month to showcase the impact AI will have on insights. We will host further events on the same subject in London, Singapore and Shanghai over the next month – register to join! In fact, so far in 2023, AI has been so omnipresent in our internal discourse and that with customers, I was tempted to ask AI for assistance with writing this commentary on H1. But alas, ChatGPT only analyzes information up to September 2021. Seems technology has a few limitations after all!

However, what we have found over the last six months is that the growth ethic of the Behaviorally team does not seem to have any limitations whatsoever. While we’ve indeed been busy enabling all our products with technology, both new (TransactionPath™ & PackPath™) and existing, it’s the Behaviorally team who have operationalized these digital innovations on behalf of the customers and brands we are so privileged to work with day in and day out. While digital product development has been an integral pillar of our 2023 strategy, our relentless pursuit of expansion has been equally significant. As such, we’ve continued to open new offices from Los Angeles to Mexico City, launch new practices spanning Health and Wellness, Technology and Sustainability, and have rapidly grown market share, especially across European markets such as France, seeing Behaviorally be selected as partner of choice for leading brands when it comes to influencing consumer behavior at the moment of purchase transaction. Technology has enabled lots of this but it’s the growth ethic of the Behaviorally team has seen us execute exactly and deliberately on our strategy!

So, a big THANKS to every Behaviorally team member that has worked to grow our business, easily outperform the market, and support customers in H1. My fondest memory of 2023 so far is hands down our Level-Up All Staff in May. We played the video below showcasing highlights of our progress over the last few months: from product development to global expansion. But this perhaps already feels like old news, as while AI can’t (yet!) predict the future, I know that using technology as an enabler, the growth ethic of the Behaviorally team will deliver more fantastic customer work, and even stronger H2 progress.


Based in New York, Alex is a recognized pioneer in the field of consumer insights with a passion for combining the disruptive power of technology and behavioral science to drive growth. As the CEO of Behaviorally, Alex has been the architect of the company’s post-carve-out strategy, positioning and rapid expansion, leading transformation of the business from full-service agency to tech-enabled and scalable partner to leading brands around the world. Follow Alex on Twitter @AlexHunt84 or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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